14 Unique and Engaging Murder Mystery Themes

Looking for a great theme for your murder mystery dinner party? Our themes include everything from the roaring 20’s, to comic book superheros and supervillans, pirates, westerns, Christmas and holiday themes, and even a zombie love story plus so much more. Note: not all themes areavailable in all areas. Please contact your personal Hitma… I mean sales specialist to find out about murder mystery themes available in your area!

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Bullets in the Bathtub Artwork Square

Bullets in the Bathtub

A roaring 1920's murder mystery theme complete with gangsters, flappers and bootleggers.

Welcome To The 1920’S Where Bathtubs Were Only Made For One Thing.​

To make gin! (Ok, maybe two things).

Lot’s of gangsters are showing up at “Cherry’s Speakeasy” to talk about the turf war going on between the Corneolis and the Buttafuccos. Just when we think things are going to settle down, in comes Harry Hyde, (the famous Russian mobster). He sure does know how to make enemies! Deadly ones!

I guess the local constable, Doyle Lonnegan, will come and solve the crime, but not before things get pretty wild!

You’ll meet crazy characters like Red E. Mix, (the local concrete salesman), Trixie, ( the owner of Cherry’s) and many others before we find out who put “da finger” on Harry’s Hyde! Was it Larry, The Rug? Was it Joey, The Lips? Or maybe, J Edna Hoover?

When you come to “Bullets in the Bathtub”. don’t forget to bring your gangster hat, tommy gun and flapper!

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "A Dickens of a Killing"

A Dickens of a Killing

This Charles Dickens inspired holiday murder mystery theme takes place in merry olde England.

Welcome To A Holiday Party In Merry Olde England!​ A little singing! A little dancing! A little murder! What could be more fun?

Of course, Scrooge is up to his old tricks again, and someone bumps him off!

Who did it? Miss Havisham? The Artful Dodger? Little Tiny Tim? Or…maybe you?!!

Whether you want to participate a little, or a lot, you’re sure to have a jolly good time, in jolly olde England, with “A Dickens of a Killing!”

"Clueless" Clue based murder mystery theme artwork


A classic Clue based murder mystery theme complete with the butler, maid and you the special dinner guests.

Welcome to the world of big business, old mansions and family politics!

Congratulations! You’re invited To the Birthday celebration of the oldest, (and richest), man in town. Lucky you!

Some would kill for the opportunity to meet Barnabas Barnaby Baggs, the famous Pickle Baron! He’s made a lot of enemies in his rise to the top!

I hope none of his enemies tries to kill him tonight. But if they do, will you know who did it? Maybe his latest girlfriend? The angry ex-wife? the spoiled nephew? Perhaps the jealous competitor? …Or You?

Regardless, you’ll have to figure it out! Why? because…

…we’re “Clueless!”

Note: This show is intended for an adult audience and includes some suggestive humor.

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Harm for the Holidays"

Harm for the Holidays

A modern murder mystery theme set at the family holiday dinner of Harm Enterprises, LLC.

Welcome to the holiday party for the family business, Harm Enterprises, LLC.

You may know them for their fancy candles… but that’s just a cover for the real business of Harm. Crime! That’s right! …and you are part of the family.

This will be your chance to ponder that age old question…

“Is there murder among thieves?”

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Death of a Blackheart"

Death of a Blackheart

This pirate spoof themed murder mystery takes place on the famous Gigantic cruise ship.

Welcome aboard the largest, (and safest), cruise liner ever to sail the low seas.
That’s right. Welcome aboard the Gigantic! But wait! What do I hear?


Avast ye mateys and get yer gizzard ready to be robbed by the most famous pirate ever to pillage a maiden!

That’s right! We’re talkin’ Captain Jack Blackheart! He’s the pirate that has cheated more people, emptied more pockets and pillaged more ladies than any politician.

Gee. I hope no one kills him off.

You’ll meet lots of fun characters at this show. In fact audience members will get to play lots of fun characters in this show because it’s “chock full” of “Fair Maidens”, “Lost Boys”, “Rival Pirates”, and more.

One thing is for sure. If you’ve ever wanted to stand up and shout out Arggggghhhh!

Then “Death of a Blackheart” is the show for you!

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "The Christmas Killer"

The Christmas Killer

A Christmas toy themed murder mystery featuring a cast of misfit toys, reindeer and other classic Christmas characters.

Welcome to the party sponsored by Chatty Cathy, and the “Misfit Toys”. We certainly hope that you can find a good home for one of our toys!

Of course, it’ll be a fun party as long as the wrong element doesn’t show up! We’re talking about Ricky Stitch, of course. Gee! I hope nothing bad happens to him!

Anyway, you’ll meet lots of characters tonight. In fact, you’ll be a character too!

Whether you’d like to participate a lot, or just a little, we promise you great holiday fun when you attend “The Christmas Killer!”

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Fistful of Hollers"

A Fistful of Hollers

This western theme murder mystery takes place in a saloon full of interesting characters.

Welcome to the western town of Dry Gulp. You have been invited to a party thrown by Digger Deep. He’s the local mortician who is trying to drum up a little business.

How does a funeral home drum up business? By inviting Nasty Nate, the local bad guy to the party.

Surely they’ll be a “killin” or two. But guess who gets “kilt”?

I guess we’ll have to call on that crack detective, Squint Leastwood to find out who did it! Someone you know? Or maybe it was you?

You’ll meet lots of fun characters! Characters like Fanny Dango, Wyatt Burp, and Messy James and lot’s of others! We promise a wild ride at “A Fistful of Hollars!”

Don’t forget to wear your boots, ’cause it’s gonna get pretty deep!

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "The Anti-Claus"

The Anti-Claus

We bring Santa and daytime television together in this Christmas themed murder mystery party.

Welcome to the Judy St Judy Television Talk Show!

It’s the only daytime show that really gives Jerry Springer a run for his money! All kinds of non-functioning family skeletons will be brought out of the closet, but the big news is that Judy St. Judy has scored a huge guest!

That’s right! The jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus, will make a guest appearance on tonight’s show! Why? Because this Judy’s holiday show, “The Judy St Judy …Making Christmas Special” Special.

Hope everything goes right. I know that Judy can be a little stressed out from time to time and when that happens… it can get a little crazy!!!!!

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "The Comic Book Killer"

The Comic Book Killer

Become your own super hero or super villain in this comic book inspired murder mystery theme. This Family Friendly Murder Mystery is perfect for all audiences!

In a world where super heroes and super villains clash….
there’s no room for trouble. But that’s exactly what the evil Doctor Weevil is. Trouble!

He’s out to cause problems any way he can! He proves that there is no honor among thieves because he’s out to destroy both good and bad guys!

But wait! Someone stops him! Who could it be?


Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Zombie Love"

Zombie Love

A zombie theme murder mystery love story? Did we mention it is also a comedy?

Calling all Zombies! Calling all Zombies! Come to the murder mystery show that thinks outside of the coffin! That’s right! got the perfect show for you, whether you are a Zombie fan or not! Why?

Because this show has it all! High drama! Comedy! A love story! …and Zombies, of course!

You, yes…you!, can play a Zombie, or not, it is up to you, but we do promise lots of fun for everyone!

The walking dead have never been this much fun!

Zombie costumes encouraged!!

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Murder at the Abbey"

Murder at the Abbey

A Downton Abbey themed murder mystery full of aristocracy, scandal and... murder over dinner at the Grantham house.

Welcome to the world of Downton Abbey!

A world full of aristocracy, old money but never anything as droll as murder! Congratulations! You’ve been invited to the dinner party held by the Earl of Grantham himself! Some would kill for the opportunity to meet the Crawley family. They’ll all be there! The Earl, his beautiful wife and three daughters…not to mention all the other characters in, (and around), the Grantham house.

That’s right! All the family, staff and townsfolk will be there. You’ll meet lots of fun characters…and you’ll play as big, (or as small), of a part as you wish. Up to you. Hope nothing bad happens…but if it does…we might need you to help us figure it out? Or perhaps you’re the killer?

Note: This show is intended for an adult audience with some suggestive humor.

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "The Haunted Hunter"

The Haunted Hunter

Ghostbuster spoofed murder mystery theme brings together a very eclectic bunch of detectives.

Welcome to the most haunted place in America. The rumor is true! Word on the street? This place is haunted!

That’s right! …and lots of famous sleuths, detectives and ghost hunters from around the world will be there to catch a glimpse of our famous, and elusive ghost “Billy” .

Gee! If someone gets “Whacked”, we’ll have plenty of detectives to solve the crime, won’t we!

Everyone plays a part! You could be “Sherlock Homes”, “Miss Garble”, or even “The Hardly Boys”.

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Muuurder in Maaaybury"

Muurder in Maaaybury

A murder at a garden party brings together your favorite characters from Mayberry in this Andy Griffith spoofed murder mystery theme.

Welcome To First Annual Maybury Garden Party.
Aunt Dee is throwing a garden party to raise money to buy fertilizer for the Flower and Garden Club.

Unfortunately, someone has tried to sabotage the garden spot!

Earnest D. Sass shows up to cause trouble and someone stops him “cold.”

Who could it be? Aunt Dee? Otis? Andy? Or any one of numerous other characters that the audience members will play!

Whoever “did it”, expect lot’s of mayhem at “Muuurder in Maaaay-bury!”

Artwork for Jest Murder Mystery Co. show "Dead Like Me"

Dead! Like Me.

This afterlife inspired murder mystery theme brings together a famous cast of the deceased at their annual meeting.

Welcome back to the land of the living! Why the welcome?

Because you’re dead. That’s right, and you have teleported to the land of the living for a union meeting of The Brotherhood of Obituary Occupants (BOO!).

This show is for everyone already dead. That’s right. You’re a ghost,…and P. T. Barnum, who is up to his usual tricks, is trying to include you in his latest scheme! But what do you threaten a dead man with?

However, someone finds a way to do him in. Who did it? The guy across the room? The lady across the table? Or,…maybe….you?

Regardless, we promise you a great time at,… Dead! Like Me!