About Jest Murder Mystery Co.

Headshot of Jest Murder Mystery Co. Founder Randy Manning

Jest Murder Mystery Co. was founded in St Louis, MO, in 1999, by actor, writer and director Randy Manning. Finding success with his previous murder mystery shows, Randy believed that he could produce a better show.

Randy combined professional actors with funnier writing and more participation to create murder mystery parties that are all about making sure the audience has a great time…and they do. It is a formula that works, and works well.

Since then Jest Murder Mystery Co. has grown to include professional entertainers from across the United States in cities like St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Des Moines, Minneapolis and many more. Jest has performed at thousands of public venues, company parties, holiday parties, birthdays, wedding receptions and much more all across the United States. We pride ourselves on providing a quality show while always insuring that our clients guests have a great time.

Leslie Franklin Headshot

In 2017, Randy decided to retire and left his daughter, Leslie Franklin, at the helm of the ever growing Jest empire. Since that time Jest has seen more growth and takes pride in providing quality entertainment in all but one of the 50 states (that’s right, we haven’t performed in Alaska yet…but we’re working on that.)

After celebrating 20 years of making guests laugh, Covid19 hit Jest and the entire live entertainment industry in 2020. With everyone in lockdown and social distancing measures in place, the Jest Murder Mystery Co. Team of genius entertainers got to work, because in entertainment “the show must go on”.

Eager to return to our laughing, smiling audiences and unwilling to settle for mediocrity, Jest worked for months writing, reimagining, innovating, rehearsing, testing, and rewriting to create a unique virtual experience. That work allowed us to return to what we love doing, bringing people together and making them laugh and smile.

Our virtual shows have been met with rave reviews from our clients. From large companies to small private parties the overwhelming responses to our shows have made us proud to have brought a little fun, laughter and camaraderie into the world during a very difficult time. It is a service we will continue to offer even as the we move forward out of the pandemic.

As the clouds part and covid19 cases recede, Jest is pleased to offer not only the most immersive, team building virtual experiences available, but also the funniest, most interactive, in-person murder mystery dinner theater’s as well. That’s right folks, we’re back (never left actually) and better than ever before! Request your free quick quote now and let’s plan a murder together!


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