Jest Laugh Scholarship, $2000 towards a theatre degree, apply now infographic.
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Jest Laugh Scholarship

Inspired to empower the next generation of comedic improvisers, Jest Murder Mystery Co is proud to offer this brand new scholarship opportunity to students pursuing a future in improvisational theater. 

Our Commitment

At Jest Murder Mystery Co., we understand that mastering the arts of humor and improv is a journey fraught with both creative and financial challenges. The cost of higher education continues to rise, making it increasingly difficult for aspiring performers to pursue their passion for the stage without incurring significant debt. This is especially true for students from lower-income backgrounds, who may find the barriers to entering artistic fields even more daunting.

The Jest Laugh Scholarship is designed to alleviate these financial hurdles for talented individuals eager to make their mark in the world of comedy and theater. We are committed to supporting the next generation of performers and creators by providing substantial financial assistance to help cover educational expenses.

Who Can Apply?

This scholarship is open to any undergraduate student currently enrolled in a theater program. We are particularly looking for candidates who have demonstrated experience in improv and a strong inclination towards humor. Students who can bring laughter and joy through their artistic expressions.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Jest Laugh Scholarship, we want to hear about your journey in comedy and theater:

  • Personal Experience with Humor: Describe a moment when humor played a critical role in helping you overcome a personal obstacle. How did this experience deepen your understanding of the role of comedy in life and art?
  • Your Theater Journey: Share your experiences in theater to date. What have you learned, and what do you aspire to achieve with your theater degree?

Make Us Laugh, Make Us Think

We’re looking for applicants who are not only talented but also passionate about using their art to inspire, entertain, and provoke thought. Your stories and experiences will help us understand your vision and potential impact in the world of theater.

Apply Now!

Don’t let financial barriers hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Apply for the Jest Laugh Scholarship today and take your first step towards a brighter, funnier future. We believe in your ability to bring joy to the world through your unique comedic voice. Let us help you on your journey to becoming a standout voice in the theater community.

Deadline and Submission

Please submit your application by April 1st, 2025. Winners will be announced on May 1st, 2025. For more details on submission guidelines, please visit our application portal.