How It Works

Book Jest Murder Mystery Co to travel to the location of your choice and perform an interactive comedy show for and with your guests. Upon arrival, your guests will each receive a part to play in the upcoming mystery party (that’s right, everyone). Some parts are more involved than others allowing your guests to participate at their comfort level. Once all have received their new persona’s and have mingled, the real fun begins…

Guest at corporate event playing a part in murder mystery party

Buckle Up

As our professional entertainers will lead your audience through an interactive three-act murder mystery show performed between courses of a meal service (provided by you). Your audience will be involved in every aspect of the show. Some of your guests will be supporting with toothy smiles and cued exclamations, others will be interviewed in character amid applause and shouts of laughter, still others will be suspects who must defend themselves to avoid suspicion.

One of your guests will be a murderer! Once accused, this person will be hauled off to jail faster than you can say, “Dun Dun DUUUUN!!!” …Just kidding. They get a prize! Your epic evening will conclude with your guests gushing over “the best party ever” and you making plans to book Jest Murder Mystery Company again! Ready to book your party? Get Pricing

Everyone plays a part

Audience participation is our number one priority because we want to make sure everyone has a great time. Our professional entertainers will pass out parts based on each personality present with some parts being more involved than others. Have no fear, there are no scripts to read, nor lines to memorize here! Our entertainers know all the characters and will be able to assist your people in communicating their funny bits during the show. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate as much or as little as they would like to and their parts will explain how they can do so.

Food, glorious food

Our shows are built to coincide with either a plated or buffet style meal. Our acts happen in between the serving of courses so your people can focus their attention on the action instead of their plates. That’s why we do not perform while the audience is chewing plus we’ll include a couple of short intermissions that give your audience members a great opportunity to freshen up their drinks, take a break and discuss who dun it!

Timing is everything

The length of your show will vary based on how much fun your group is having and the type of meal you have decided to serve. Each of our shows contains three acts which will last between 25 and 35 minutes each. See this Possible Agenda for a general timeline for our shows. This timeline is flexible and can be customized to suit your needs.

And the award goes to...

We don’t like to play favorites at Jest, so we celebrate both heroes and villains equally. At the end of the show a winning detective will receive a special prize as will the dreaded murderer and a special audience member who rose to the occasion.

A personal touch

Every audience is different which makes every show different. Jest shows are based on scripts with plenty of wiggle room for audience interaction and improvisation. Our entertainers are professionally trained improvisationalists and they will follow the cues of the audience to create a hilarious customized experience.

Have more questions? Check out our wildly stimulating FAQ page or Get pricing