Meet Our Talented Denver Area Entertainers

At Jest Murder Mystery Co. we pride ourselves on our talented and experienced local Denver entertainers who bring our murder mystery shows to life. Our team is made up of skilled performers who are passionate about creating a fun and engaging experience for our audiences. Here’s a little bit about some of our talented actors.

Headshot Image of Denver Murder Mystery Entertainer Brandon Price

Brandon Price

Brandon is thrilled to be working with Jest Murder Mysteries out of Denver Colorado! Brandon spent his first 4 years of his professional career with Missoula Children’s Theater traveling the world and teaching students.

Brandon has been hosting murder mysteries for 6 years and has hosted over 200 murders in Boston, Denver, and even in Greenland! When not killing or being killed, you will find Brandon teaching middle school theater in Boulder Colorado or at home playing board games or DnD.

Headshot Image of Denver Murder Mystery Entertainer Soleil Kohl

Soleil Kohl

Soleil has acted in several immersive theater experiences, ranging from comedic improvisation, playback theatre, character acting, mascotting, and more.

She has produced several sketch and improvised theatre groups, and acts locally in small-theater productions in Boulder, Colorado.

Headshot Image of Denver Murder Mystery Entertainer Adi Diner

Adi Diner

Since his debut piano recital at age 6, Adi has relished the spotlight. Hailing from “Down Under,” he attended Melbourne’s top magnet school on his trumpet-playing prowess but abandoned the brass and decided to rely exclusively on his charm, acting talent, and vocal chops.

As an actor in film and theater, and as jazz singer, he has had the opportunity to entertain audiences on four continents in four languages, most of which he understood.

Headshot Image of Denver Murder Mystery Entertainer Tabitha Walker

Tabitha Walker

Tabitha Walker has always been a performer. Starting off in popular musical theater productions, expanding to writing and producing smaller productions in college, she loves discovering new ways to create art and connect people’s hearts to stories.

She grew up in a tiny smoky mountain town in Tennessee creating skits with her 6 siblings. The point was to get a laugh. Not a lot has changed.

Headshot Image of Denver Murder Mystery Entertainer Skip Francoeur

Skip Francoeur

Skip is a native of the Denver Metro area. He studied acting at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and Actor’s Workgroups. He has acted in short films, industrials, television commercials, and web promotional videos.

He has also performed in other dinner shows, and immersive theater productions. He has found his passion in performing live theater. He loves entertaining and engaging people and believes laughter brings us all together. He can do several impersonations, and is a gifted mimic.