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Customers have a lot to say about our virtual murder mystery parties!

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TERRIFIC – OMG amazing!  You’ve used this Zoom tool SO WELL! SUPER COOL!

Nancy Weaver

This was a very fun experience! You all put in so much work and attention to this project, and made it fun for people to be involved.

Greg Mueller

Acting was superb! Very very enjoyable!

Karen Lundy

Very cool!  I was not sure how that would work virtually but you guys made it happen!  Very funny and entertaining!

Brian Morey

That was fun and (a) very lovely break from being cooped (up) at home!

Anna Gamboa

That was AWESOME!!!   I will spread the word in my Virtual Meeting Planning world!

Lizanne Young

the company’s online murder mystery show was interactive and engaging. Plus I got to spend the night in a speakeasy – what could be better?

Lisa Yeager

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