Virtual Murder Mystery Party Tips & Tricks

Screenshots of virtual murder mystery party participants

You’ve been Invited!

To a virtual murder mystery party. What’s that mean?

It means you’re going to have a really good time solving a murder without ever having to leave your office chair, sounds great right!

Just like our in-person shows, this show is all about making sure you have a good time. So remember to relax and just have fun with it.

See below for suggestions so you can make the most of your upcoming virtual event!

Your Show: A Dicken’s of a Killing

A Dickens of a Killing Artwork Square

Baaaaa Huuuumbug!!! Ebenezer Scrooge will be back to his old tricks and is bound to make a few enemies at this Virtual Holiday Party chock full of Charles Dicken’s Characters. Just when Beep (The Holiday Minstrel) gets everyone in the Holiday Spirit, Scrooge barges in and starts talking about gruel.  Geez, hope no one snuffs Scrooge out before his time! Dive into this fictitious world of Charles Dickens Characters and join Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Belle, Oliver Twist, The Ghost of Jacob Marley and so many more in this cheerful Jest Murder Mystery Company parody of a Holiday Classic.  Whether you want to participate a little or a lot, you’ll have a jolly good time, in jolly olde England, where there is sure to be “A Dickens of a Killing!”

Common Questions

-How do I join the event?

You’ll find the link to the zoom event in your email. When the time for your event comes, just click that link. Once you are let into the virtual room, you’ll be automatically transported to “The Alley behind The Queen’s Club” (that’s where we are all meeting before the event!) Once there, you’ll receive the part you’ll be playing and can interact with your fellow audience members and our professional actors via the zoom chat. The rest …is a mystery!

-How Long is the show?

Jest Murder Mystery Co Virtual Shows last around 90 minutes. 60 minutes of that is the actual show. The remaining time is divided between a virtual cocktail reception so everyone can arrive and receive their parts and a short break between acts 1 and 2.

-What will I need to participate in the virtual show?

Enough with the housekeeping, on to the fun stuff!

Costume Inspiration

If you really want to get in the mood for virtual murder, dress up like your favorite Charles Dickens Character

The Regal Lady

Posh and dressed to the nines, these ladies know a thing or two about working a high society crowd along with all the latest gossip! Did you see Lady Sniplips new gown? Oh! It’s so last season, the poor dear!

Tips: A floor length gown with plenty of ruffles will do the trick. Add a crown of curls and a feathery Victorian hat to take it to the next level.   Bring it all together with accessories such a pearls, gloves, earrings and of course, a fan to gossip behind!

The Man About Town

Get ready to put on the ritz! These dapper fellas are all class from their top hat to their highly polished toes. Whether they’re heading to the opera, the race track or the gambling clubs, you can bet they’ll be dressed to impress. More mustache? Yes, please!

Tips: Start with a good lookin tux with tails and bow tie. Add a felt top hat. The taller the hat, the more important the man! Bring it all together with a highly embellished pipe and some gold rings for good measure.

The Clever Cockney Maiden

Hard working, salt of the earth, these ladies know what it means to earn a full day’s wages. “Oi there Captain! Buy a flower off a poor girl!”

Tips: A modest, plain dress is the ticket, with an apron tied up in front.  Pull your hair up in a bun or braid it at the sides to keep it out of your face while you’re earning your keep. Top it off with a tasteful cap and you’re all set!

The Bookkeeper

These ambitious fellows are just getting started but are eager to prove their worth. Give them an extra bit of coal in the fire and watch their quills fly!

Tips: A pair of slacks and a button up shirt will be a nice start.  Add a vest to take it to the next level.   Bring it all together with a good Ascot and a flat cap (those are hats).

The Jolly Time Traveler

Whoa! Where’d this person come from? No one knows what they’re doing back here in the 19th Century but man have they got a festive fashion sense! Get ready to party because this time traveler is ready to put the jolly in this virtual holiday celebration!

Tips: Start with the ugliest sweater you can find and then …make it worse! Add a colorful hat and maybe even a big red nose and antlers if you want. Be creative, the sky’s the limit!

The Queen’s Club Cocktails

Follow these recipes to enjoy the most popular drinks at The Queens Club in your very own kitchen!

Ebenezer’s Eggnog

Don’t let the humbug’s get you down! Try this classic eggnog recipe to lift the spirits and sometimes the toes …clear out of the bedroom window! This holiday classic is guaranteed to put you in a rather bright mood!

Baaaaa Huuuumbug!!!

  • 1 tablespoon of fine sugar, dissolved with 1 do cold water, 1 egg
  • 1 wine-glass of Cognac brandy
  • ½ do Santa Cruz rum
  • ½ tumblerful of milk
  • A sprinkle of nutmeg
  • View original recipe

Apple Toddy

Warm and sweet, this popular Queen’s Club drink is best enjoyed after a long day on the cold streets of virtual London. Cheers!

  • 1 table-spoon of fine white sugar
  • 1 wine glass of cider brandy
  • ½ of a baked apple
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Fill the glass two-third full of boiling water, and grate a little nutmeg on top. 
  • Read the original recipe.

Still looking for that perfect cocktail to enjoy with your virtual party? Check out these other delicious offerings that you can whip up in a flash!  Cheers!

The Menu

Generate the atmosphere of ominous intent when you create these delicious recipes straight from The Queens Club Kitchen!

The Lady Pomp’s Pinwheels

Cheesy and festive, much like The Lady Pomp herself! These caprese salad-style festive pinwheels will get your mouth in the holiday spirit! Oh! Do go on! Get the full recipe…

Murderous Meat Pies

They’re just as menacing as they sound. Stuffed to the brim with ground beef, shredded cheese and so many other mischievous ingredients then baked to perfection. Tasting these savory morsels may lead to deadly outcomes. Get the full recipe…

Fagin’s Funeral Rolls

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, it should be. These ewwy gooey funerals rolls are delicious and perfect for getting you in the mood for murder! Get the full recipe

Dun Dun Duu…onuts

A mystery lovers favorite, these yummy little bite-sized bits of heaven will have you all hopped up to figure out whodunnit! Get the full recipe…

Tiny Tim’s Lemon Tarts

The Queen’s Club’s most sought after dessert! These sweet little bites will send your tastebuds on vacation. But don’t get too swept away, word has it there might be a murderer around here. Get the full recipe…