Professionally Hosted Virtual Christmas Parties

How our Virtual Christmas Parties Work

Let us make entertaining your virtual guests easy, interactive and super fun!

  1. Jest Murder Mystery Co.
    will care of the technical aspects of the virtual event so you and your guests can enjoy the holiday party.
  2. Your Important Guests
    will all receive a character to play and will have opportunities to participate in the action of the virtual Christmas party.
  3. Our Professional Entertainers
    will engage your guests in a live virtual murder mystery show and will make them the stars of the event.
  4. You
    will have a fabulous time collecting compliments from your guests for your superior taste in virtual holiday entertainment.

Holiday Themed Virtual Parties

Baaaaa Huuuumbug!!! Ebenezer Scrooge will be back to his old tricks and is bound to make a few enemies at this Virtual Holiday Party chock full of Charles Dicken’s Characters.

Just when Beep (The Holiday Minstrel) gets everyone in the Holiday Spirit, Scrooge barges in and starts talking about gruel.  Geez, hope no one snuffs Scrooge out before his time! 

Dive into this fictitious world of Charles Dickens Characters and join Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Belle, Oliver Twist, The Ghost of Jacob Marley and so many more in this cheerful Jest Murder Mystery Company parody of a Holiday Classic.  

Whether you want to participate a little or a lot, you’ll have a jolly good time, in jolly olde England, where there is sure to be “A Dickens of a Killing!”

Read reviews of our Virtual Holiday Parties

We booked Jest for a virtual office holiday party. The actors and storyline were fantastic and very funny. The interactive elements of the show were really fun. Everyone had a great time.
Megan Contakes
Integrated Direct Marketing
When the pandemic threatened to make NYE a lonely, sad evening, I started researching a fun, virtual adventure for my friends in 4 different cities (Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Naples). We all had a blast!! I'd highly recommend the experience during a pandemic or any time you want a unique, virtual experience.
Katy Walsh
They made us laugh and everyone in the group was included in the show. Was well worth it and a fun way to be "with" family when we couldn't be "with" them!! Highly recommend.
K. Gallagher

Fun, Professionally Hosted Virtual Christmas Parties

Just because your group can not get together in person doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Virtual Holiday Party this year. We host your Christmas Party for your Team, Co-Workers, Friends, Family, Etc on ZOOM.

Our Party includes a Funny, Interactive Virtual Murder Mystery where our Professional Entertainers will make your guests the stars. We create a One of a Kind Experience that guarantees no two shows are ever the same.

Plus, no need to cook a giant meal, clean the house, or deal with that one guest that doesn’t know when to leave.

Scrooge Square
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