Recommended timeline for your Murder Mystery Party

Coworkers laugh at murder mystery party entertainment

Our typical agenda follows the schedule listed below. Although we are flexible, we
have found that a format along these lines works very well for our shows. 

Also, because this show is improvisational in nature, we can not be specific on these times. Audience members can, (and will), take the show in various directions and that will affect times. We will however, make every attempt to stay close to the suggested time frame.

We do ask that while we are performing, no table service takes place. We have found that it splits focus, so we will not start until you are done pouring coffee, etc. and we ask that your servers do not reenter the room until our actors have finished their act.

Tables should be set as closely as possible. If the audience does not fill the room, no need to spread them out. Instead, bring the tables close together and leave about a 10ft x 10ft area in the middle for our entertainers to perform in. Learn more about Setting up your room!

Recommended Timeline

Note: “0:00” does not mean “noon”. Rather…is it the time your audience will begin arriving in the
banquet space.

0:00 – doors open/parts are handed out (We suggest bread & butter, pretzels, etc. on table)

1:00 – start of act I

1:30 – end of Act I, set salads/pull empty salad plates

1:45 – Start of Act II

2:15 – end of Act II, set main course/pull empty main course plates/pour coffee

2:40 – Start of Act III

3:15 – Break to solve the crime/set deserts/coffee/drinks

3:25 – reconvene and solve crime

3:30 – show over/pull dessert plates.