Covid 19 Policy

We here at Jest Murder Mystery Company, don’t really take too much seriously…especially ourselves. But the recent Pandemic That Must Not Be Named has forced us to do a bit of adulting and we’ve decided to enact a plan to keep both our performers and audiences safe as we all try to cheer up and have a good laugh. That’s why we have adopted a new way of committing murder…a slightly muffled, socially distanced and still very funny way. Here are our policies adopted to keep our audiences and performers safe as we work to return to normal.

Jest Actors will always wear face coverings (either masks or shields) and will work to keep a distance of at least 6ft away from all audience members and staff until it is no longer necessary. All re-usable show materials will either be disinfected immediately after or will go into quarantine for at least 3 days after each performance to ensure that they are safe to use for the next show. We recommend that all audience members and clients adhere to any local and state guidelines such as maintaining at least 6ft between tables and asking guests to wear masks except when eating and drinking, etc. Because we are a national company, our policies will need to be flexible and will vary depending on the location and needs of each show. We will work to communicate with each event organizer to find solutions that will work for their individual event.

Take care out there and we look forward to planning a murder with you soon!

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