Headshot image of St. Louis Murder Mystery Entertainer Sean Seifert

Sean Seifert

Sean Seifert is a St. Louis, MO native and has been performing around the country for over 8 years. After discovering live performance in high school, Sean fell in love with theater and was a part of many productions both on and off the stage. After graduating High School he decided to further his craft by attending Southeast Missouri State University’s Conservatory of Theater and Dance. While attending university, Sean was able to broaden his theater knowledge of acting and develop many skills. His main focus was on live and on-camera performance; as well as stage combat, directing, and set construction training. Some of his most notable performances during his college career were: Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Roderigo in Othello; Cléante in Imaginary Invalid; Clown in The 39 Steps; and Peter in Stop Kiss.

Sean graduated with a BFA in Acting and a minor in Marketing Management. Since graduation he has worked all over St. Louis and Missouri for professional theater companies, including: Westport Plaza Playhouse, O’Fallon Theater Works, STAGES, COCA, and more. While staying true to his STL roots he has been traveling all across the country performing including in LA, New Orleans, Chicago, Des Moines, and many more.

Sean has become certified in six weapon systems through Dueling Arts International and plans to receive his teaching license soon. He has also worked with different schools and organizations to help teach younger students on the fun and importance of theater. Between acting, directing, stage combat, and teaching there’s always something for him to do in the theater world, and he hopes to be able to share his work with you in the future!

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