Headshot image of Minneapolis Murder Mystery Entertainer Ben Witt

Benjamin Witt

Ben is an actor and vocalist in the Minneapolis area and graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul.

While at Northwestern, Ben took part in performances in the Universities Choir, Opera and Theatre programs. Some of his favorite shows while at UNW were: Phantom of the Opera where he played Piangi, Oliver! in the role of Mr. Bumble and Narnia the Musical playing the roles of Professor Kirk, Father Christmas and Aslan. He also performed in original productions directed by students in various character roles on the stage, film and radio.

Outside of Northwestern, Ben has performed with local community Theatre companies like Bunce Backyard, Cross Community Players and others. He also participated in the Minnesota Fringe Festival in the production of The God Squad in the role of Hades.

Ben is excited to continue his love of character acting and comedy as an entertainer with Jest Murder Mystery Company and can’t wait to share a few laughs and smiles with you!

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