Headshot Image of Los Angeles Murder Mystery Entertainer Brenda Bass

Brenda Bass

Originally from Chicago, Brenda began professionally acting at the age of 14. She adores interactive theatre, however she is mainly known for her musical theatre work.

Some of her past credits include: Medda Larkin (Newsies – Next Generation Theatre), Miss Sandra (All Shook Up – Next Generation Theatre), The Chaperone (The Drowsy Chaperone – Lindenwood University-Belleville); Lady of the Lake (Spamalot – STLCC-Meramec); Young Republicanette (Heathers – New Line Theatre); Princess Fiona (Shrek the Musical – Hard Road Theatre); Eponine (Les Miserables – Cabaret Showcase). She also performed at Six Flags St. Louis in Miss Kitty’s Saloon and as Witchy in Love at First Fright for the 2016 season. When she’s not acting, she’s usually either eating or sleeping. The occasional snuggle with her two cats while watching Netflix may occur.

Her greatest accomplishments include: attending Harvard on a full ride, a mile time of 1:14, making a 5 minute brownie mix in 3 minutes, and writing semi-untruthful bios.

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