Headshot Image of Boston Murder Mystery Entertainer Ally Matteodo

Ally Matteodo

Raised in Massachusetts, Ally’s first foray into performance occurred in fifth grade when her class put on a performance of the musical “Oliver.” Never the same, Ally now resides in the Boston area and continues to pursue acting.

Two recent independent films of hers are “The Gown” and “Route 80,” the former shot around the North Shore during the first half of 2017, and “Route 80” shot around the New Haven area during the summer of 2017. You can also catch Ally in two recent short films, “How Not to Provide Therapy” and “A Hair Off.”

When she’s not in front of a camera lens, Ally works for Boston Party Adventures, entertaining families and companies as a princess, celebrity impersonator, superhero, or member of Paw Patrol.

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